We believe in the connection between mind, body and spirit. Wright Now Wellness offers a holistic wellness approach that includes a range of body wellness services like: including Massage, Tantra, Reiki &Professional Cuddle Sessions. At some point in your consultation, we may determine that your path to wellness could benefit from one of our body wellness offerings to help release pain or open your mind to further healing.

WNW offers certified practitioners in Tantra Based Coaching Massage Therapy, Reiki/Energy Work and Meditation and even Cuddle Sessions. If you’re not familiar with one or any of these techniques – you may enjoy reading on to learn more about them and the benefits they offer.

Most people initiate their first visit to WNW with a particular pain – or because of something keeping them up at night. That pain can be a savior if you recognize it as your wake up call. Seeking guidance is the first step on your path to personal wellness. With over 15 years experience as a holistic wellness therapist – I can assure you – there is a path to wellness, healing and a full life and it begins with you. A trained specialist can determine which of these body services may be right for you.

Wright Now Wellness, Relationship Wellness
healthy woman with the sun on her face
Wright Now Wellness body wellness services include Tantra, Reiki, Massage & Cuddle Sessions.

Scheduling & Pricing

First time visitors will receive a Complimentary 20-Minute Discovery Call so that we can get to know each other and recommend services and/or a plan. If you have visited for body wellness services before, you may use our online calendar to book your appointment now.

Pricing: please see individual body wellness service pages for more specific pricing  information. General pricing information for most services:

  • $80 per 60-minute session (individual sessions)
  • $130 per 90-minute session (individual session)
  • $135 per 60-minute session (couples massage)
  • $210 per 90-minute session (couples massage)
  • $15 per person, minimum of 6 cuddlers (cuddle parties)

We ask that if you are unable to make your appointment for any reason, you give us 24-hour notice as otherwise we reserve the right to charge for the appointment in full.