2018 Vision Board Session

CREATE THE YEAR YOU WANT! Let’s not allow another year to just happen – let’s own 2018. Join us for a Vision Board Session to help manifest your best year using meditation, sound healing, play and connection!

We will start with meditation and an exercise to get clear on your desires and to see what may hold you back. Then it’s play time. 😉

What To Bring

• If you’re tactile – bring pictures, magazines, and a poster board that calls to you
• If you’re tech friendly – there are some great apps we will use

Wine, tea, fruit, and love provided. I will also have lots of magazines and other things to make boards fun, but many of you are even more creative than I am.

$30. suggested donation

Photo of Krissy Schneider

Welcome Cuddle Specialist Krissy Schneider | Richmond VA Cuddle Sessions & Cuddle Parties

I am so pleased  to announce that Krissy Schneider became certified through Wright Now Wellness to be our Cuddle Specialist Extraordinaire!

Some of you may wonder why you may want to set up a session to connect and cuddle with someone.  Many people have busy lives that do not permit time to find much human connection in their personal life.  It could be because of the hours they work, or because of the travel they have to do  and some people may find it challenging to ask the people in their lives to share quality time.  While some people believe that you can only cuddle with a sexual partner that is a limiting belief and excludes many from a basic human desire – touch.

Maybe you are an introvert who recognizes your need for human interaction and connection for just a little bit.  Some people have a love language of touch and/or quality time and really want to feel more love.  This is a guilt free way to have connection, in a safe place that allows you to be yourself.

Session can include talking, cuddling, playing games, walking or stretching, and other fun activities! Contact us for more information about cuddle sessions, cuddle parties, why we need touch or to book an cuddle appointment.