Lunar New Year Vision Board Class

Did you know that January 25 is the Lunar New Year?

It’s the actual New Year observed by the lunar calendar. So if it hasn’t been a great start, if you want a do over, or you want to recommit to how you want this year to go, come celebrate with us.



Need some clarity in your life? Frustrated trying to make things happen but can’t quite seem to get there?

Let’s not allow another year to just happen to you-let’s own 2020. Join us for our 10th Annual Vision Board Session to help manifest your best year using meditation, sound healing, play and connection!

Come learn secrets to successfully achieving your goals. Amanda Wright will assist you through the process of deciding what your future will look like: Love, Career, Weight Loss, Health, Finances, and beyond.

We will start with meditation to reflect on what you have already achieved (sometimes it’s easy to forget). We will then do an exercise to get clear on your desires and to see what may hold you back. Then it’s play time. ?

What To Bring

  • If you’re tactile – bring pictures, magazines, and a poster board that calls to you. I will provide plain poster for your vision board. You may want a more sparkly or colorful board from a craft store. Bring stickers to decorate, colored pencils, pens, or markers, to draw on and color your boards. I will also provide some but supplies are limited.
  •  If you’re tech friendly – there are some great apps we will use or you can find your own!

Wine, tea, fruit, and love provided. I will also have lots of magazines and other things to make boards fun, but many of you are even more creative than I am.

Space is limited so reserve your spot today!