With your personal wellness as the goal, WNW offers a holistic approach to wellness with a range of life coaching, therapy and services designed to help you make healthy choices and create success in your life. Certified Life Coach Amanda Wright will work with you to identify your core values and life goals. During sessions in our top-requested YOUR INNER-HOUSE™ LIFE COACHING program, we provide guidance and self-discovery tools help you overcome challenges, nurture your mind, body and spirit and stay on course to live your most authentic life. Read more about our WNW Personal Wellness coaching: Purpose & Identity Coaching, Career Coaching, Sexual Health Coaching & Hypnosis.

Most people initiate their first visit to WNW with a particular pain – or because of something keeping them up at night. That pain can be a savior if you recognize it as your wake up call. Seeking guidance is the first step on a your path to personal wellness. With over 15 years experience as a holistic wellness therapist and life coach I can assure you – there is a path to wellness, healing and a full life and it begins with you.

Scheduling & Pricing

First time visitors will receive a Complimentary 20-Minute Discovery Call so that we can get to know each other and recommend services and/or a plan. I’m here to guide you with regular sessions either in person at WNW or via Skype, telephone and email.

We ask that if you are unable to make your appointment for any reason, you give us 24-hour notice as otherwise we reserve the right to charge for the appointment in full.

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Talk to a Certified Life Coach about Purpose & Identity Coaching, Career Coaching, Sexual Health or Hypnosis.