You’ve made your way here, so I imagine you’re looking for tools and information to help you make positive life change or improve intimacy for your best relationship. Welcome, I’m here to help.

 I want to share with you a collection of the top resources I frequently recommend to clients. Here you’ll find DVDs, books and our favorite Tantra Store items to offer a great starting point. Of course, I can always be available to you as well for counseling support in person, via Skype, phone or email.

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Your Inner House™, Life Coaching Workbook

You want positive life change, but you’re not sure where to begin. Change starts here.

This comprehensive life coaching program examines the core areas in your life, helps you prioritize key sticking points and provides a map for work in each area of your “inner house”.  Workbook exercises will help you uncover core desires, understand how you want to feel, set goals and design the you to the life you want.

Your Inner House™ Life Coaching program is our top-requested coaching package and has provided a framework for hundreds of Wright Now Wellness clients to successfully make the change they wanted most in their lives. Use this workbook as a guide for self-study – or get the book FREE when you pair it with the Your Inner House™ Life Coaching package. Schedule a complimentary 20-minute discovery call to learn more.


Since 2002, I’ve been helping people just like you overcome the obstacles keeping them from enjoying a complete, fulfilled and intimate relationship. Along the way, I’ve developed a list of go-to prized resources that I recommend most. Here are my top picks for eye-opening information that will help you improve intimacy and transform your relationship with yourself and with the opposite sex.

Best Relationship, Understanding Women

Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery DVD

Best Relationship, Making Sense of Men

Making Sense of Men: A Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention from all Men

Improve Intimacy, Celebrating Love

Celebrating Love CD

Best Relationship, The Amazing Development of Men

The Amazing Development of Men™ CD Set – Expanded 2nd Edition!

In Sync with the Opposite Sex CD Set

Best Relationship, Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom


As a Tantra Coach with 15 years of study and practice, my commitment to helping clients tap into sexual energy for growth & greater intimacy has been driving factor inspiring me to seek further certification in diverse and holistic healing techniques. I’m happy to share the Tantra related books, resources and products that I’ve come to rely on most in this virtual Tantra Store.

Tantra Store, Tantra The Art of Conscious Loving

Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving (25th Anniversary Edition)

Tantra Store, Sexual Healing The Tantra Way

Sexual Healing, The Tantra Way DVD

Tantra Store, The Waterproof Splash Pad

Amrita Waterproof Splash Pad

Tantra Store, The Personal Deluxe Crystal Wand

Deluxe Crystal Wand


Wright Now Wellness hosts frequent wellness events in our hometown of Richmond, VA and Ultimate Wellness Retreats around the world. Check out the list of upcoming Events and Workshops and consider joining others like you who are seeking life or relationship change.


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