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Stepping Outside of Comfort – What Makes You Nervous?

  • Amanda Wright
  • March 8, 2018

What are you nervous to try? What are you nervous you may fail at? Is there something you are so nervous to try you don’t ever attempt?

Our brains are very fascinating to me. Mine tells me I love to try new things, yet I get so nervous about some things, that I never get the courage to try the thing.
I love travel to new places, meeting new people, reading new books, finding new music to listen to, eating at new restaurants.
Yet all of that still has a little familiarity to them.

I have just bumped up against wanting to try a new thing that doesn’t look like anything in my wheel house and this feeling always surprises me. Fear. Uncertainty.

I’ll keep you in suspense no more, I’m going to learn to play the drums. Like really loud!
I feel I have played “air drums” in my car long enough-I’m a master at that.
I have never felt musically inclined or talented. I just wanted to be a cool drummer chick since I was about 11. It has taken me this long to go for it.

On my birthday last year I finally declared out loud that I wanted to learn to play the drums. I didn’t do anything about it, just said I wanted to learn. Months later I received the lessons as a Christmas gift and each week since then I have looked at the gift card. The butterflies in my belly had stopped me from calling the school.

Today I called and booked my lessons.
I know some people, who if they don’t know how to do a thing, within a few YouTube videos, they just do it. I am in awe of those people. I am not one. I thought I was, but sadly, I am not a “let’s just see how this works out” kinda person.

My mind says things like “What if I have to have rhythm?” “What if I am not coordinated?” “What if I fail?” Those statements make me want to hide and continue to say “one day I’ll try it”, and then never do.

Yet I want to continue to grow, and learn, and play. So I will keep saying yes and not hiding. Being a motivational speaker, sometimes I have to dig deeper to motivate myself. I will be my own life coach with this. I never want something to hold me back from enjoying life. My clients and friends know I love uncovering blocks. This is mine and I’m ready to let it go!
I am posting this so that I will be held even more accountable for going to my first of 10 lessons.

Wish me luck and if you need a drummer, I may be available soon.

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  • Steve Heller
    Steve Heller

    Amanda — I’ve obviously got to update you on my own drumming journey. For about 3 months now, I’ve been learning and playing jazz drums for 2 hours a week at You and I will have to compare notes one of these days.

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